Open the door to delve further in filming and acting education by taking part in our workshops and summer schools. We operate nationally, and aim to teach through providing students with expert experience, lead from industry professionals and equipment.

Beginners summer school

Our beginners course is structured over a six sessions, or one week and designed to bring together the key elements of drama and filmmaking for primary and prep schools.

Key Outcomes of the course are :-

  • Professional workshops on Camera and Acting

  • Scriptwriting and devising masterclass

  • Improvising and peer feedback

  • Storyboarding

  • Behind the Scenes Footage

  • Studio interviewing 

  • A Short Film

  • Folio and Score

  • Premier

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Year in a day WORKSHOP

The "Year in a Day" course includes all the basic elements of filmmaking over a day period, and is highly flexible to accommodate schools, colleges and outside establishments.   

We adapt this programme in the style of workshops, a full day intensive, or a five session period.

Key Outcomes of the course are :-

 Professional workshops on:

  •  Camera and Acting

  •  Devising and Improvising

  • Scriptwriting and Storyboarding 

  • A Short Film

  • Preview of rushes

Take a look at the brochure, to find out more information


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